• ¡Bienvenidos!

    Hobart High School 

    Teacher: Señor Muffoletto


    942-8521 (Ext. 8116)   - Room: 2121


    Language is power, and your study of the Spanish language will give you the power to communicate with more than 285 million people who speak Spanish daily. You will be learning to UNDERSTAND, SPEAK, READ and WRITE Spanish. The more you use your new skill the more proficient you will become and the more fun you will have with your new power.


    DESCRIPTION: In Spanish I students will learn how to ask and answer simple questions in conversation (introductions, how you’re feeling etc…). Students will understand schedules and learn how to make plans in Spanish. Students will also be able to explore the cultures of Spain and Mexico as well as many other Spanish-speaking countries. (More info and descriptions can be found in the Career Pathway Guide.)


    MATERIALS (bring daily):


                Three-ring binder/Folder with clasps in which to keep all papers related to this course

                Dividers or some technique to organize each section

                Paper (Standard notebook size)

                Pencil or pen

                Agenda or whatever you use to record assignments



    1. Always try your best and be responsible.
    2. Always volunteer each class period.
    3. Always participate in oral class drills and paired or group work.
    4. Always do your homework on time. Homework is a requirement-not an option.
    5. Always bring your materials.
    6. Always check on class work and assignments before class when returning from an absence.
    7. Always use the restroom either before class or ask to use it towards the end of class.
    8. Always behave in an appropriate manner. Respect yourself, peers and your teacher. **



    Participation is very important in this class. There are two types of participation: Voluntary and Obligatory. You will receive one point for voluntary participation when you answer a question without any preparation. You will receive one point for obligatory participation (1/1) when the teacher calls on you to answer a question when you’ve had time to prepare yourself (EX: homework questions). You will be expected to actively participate in all classroom activities. If you do not participate daily you will lose points. Participation is very important and if you do not participate the result might be failure of the course.




    **APPROPRIATE CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR includes at least the following:

    1.      Always respect for yourself, teacher and fellow classmates.

    2.      When the bell rings, be in your seat ready to begin the class.

    3.      Stay seated during class unless otherwise instructed.

    4.      Restroom passes will only be given for a dire emergency and if time remains during the last few minutes of class.

    5.      Raise your hand to speak or ask questions.

    6.      Absolutely NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES.

    7.      Do not make noises or other disruptive actions that would interrupt instruction.

    8.      Be alert and pay attention throughout the class period. This means no sleeping!



    1.      Check your agenda, the classroom calendar or your classroom partner.

    2.      Time frame according to school rules.

    3.      Your Responsibility!!!


    In order to avoid being tardy to class, the student must be in designated location when the bell rings the following procedures will be followed:

    1.      After the first ten minutes of the first hour of the day or five minutes late to the rest of the day’s classes, the student will be marked truant, and truant policies will apply.

    2.      Tardies accumulate per semester and per class.

    3.      Every 2nd tardy to a credit or non-credit (study hall) class will result in a Friday School Detention. Absence from Friday School will result in two In-School Suspension class periods.

    4.      A student may be removed from class upon the 7th tardy to that class.

    5.      A letter will be mailed home after the 2nd & 4th tardy. A Friday detention will be given at the 6th tardy.

    6.      Every 2nd tardy to a non-credit class such as study hall will result in detention.

    7.      In event of loss of credit for a class, tardies to the class may result in removal from that class.