• How to be successful in Spanish class

    A key to remembering is REPTITION!

    Question: How do I review vocabulary?


    1. Fold a piece of notebook paper in half lengthwise. Copy the list in Spanish in the first half (3 times each). Concentrate on the correct spelling and accents. As you write, say the words in syllables.

    2. When you finish writing the word, look at it and say it aloud.

    3. Write its English meaning next to it in the other half.

    4. When the list is complete, fold the paper lengthwise so only the English side of the paper shows.

    5. Have a friend/relative quiz you, even if he or she doesn’t speak Spanish. (He or she can give you the English word.) Mix up the words. Don’t go up or down in order.

    6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 until you know the vocabulary.


    Question: How do I study grammar concepts that will be tested?


    1. Take notes in class every day!!!!

    2. Read the explanation in the book or from class notes silently. Then, read it aloud.

    3. Take a Spanish example and teach it to a friend, a stuffed animal, your mirror image, etc.

    4. Do the exercise in the book again or go online for additional practice.

    5. Try to write original sentences using the grammar concept. Compare your sentence to the examples given.


    Question: What are some ways to learn or memorize?


    1. Put your vocabulary list on the bathroom mirror. Read over it when you brush your teeth or hair.


    2. Pull out your list whenever you must wait. Read it while you ride home on the bus.


    3. Say the words or phrases out loud; whisper them; yell them; record yourself on a recorder.


    4. Repeat vocabulary or phrases rhythmically like we do with verb conjugations.


    5. Impress your family or friends at the dinner table with new vocabulary and phrases. Tell them old ones and new ones every day.


    6. Call a friend who also studies Spanish and practice speaking. See if your friend can understand what you are saying.


    7. Say and write them over and over and over … at least three times each!