• First Day for Students! 


    It was a beautiful first day of school! The kids were nervous with excitement but had the confidence of conquering this school year and making it better than the last! The teachers and staff were ready and beaming with excitement as students entered the halls for the first time since last Spring. As encouragement to stay hydrated and healthy, each student received their own Brickie water bottle to have at school with them. They LOVE them! We were able to snap a few photos throughout the day and even received pictures of encouraging words that a neighbor put on the sidewalk for those that walked to the bus stop. The community of Hobart is wonderful with supporting our schools and we love that!
    We have been preparing all summer for this school year and hope that every student from the Class of 2018 through the Class of 2030 make everyday their best! #Brickieup

     "Once a Brickie, Always a Brickie!"