• Canoemobile on Hobart's Lake George

    The Dunes Learning Center and The Field Museum's Mighty Acorns program teamed up with the City of Hobart and Voyageur Canoe Canoemobile program to create real-life experiences for our 3rd through 6th grade Brickies! Mighty Acorns is an elementary environmental education program that engages students and teachers in the Midwest in stewardship, explorations, and meaningful interactions with their local ecosystems through field studies and hands-on, action-based learning opportunities that allow them to develop a lasting connection with nature. The program strives to build an environmentally literate next generation that has the know-how and inspiration to take care of nature in their communities resulting in a healthier planet.
           In 2 hour sessions students rotated in small groups working with Dunes Learning Center employees to examine the vegetation that grows around our lake. They were taught which species of plants were great to have around us and our water and which species were not. Those that were becoming an infestation in our environment were trimmed back by our students and teachers so that others could thrive. Next, the groups worked with the Voyageur Canoe captains on team training skills, and a trip through Lake George. Some students had never been on a boat before and most saw places in Hobart that they did not know even existed! It is amazing what our great Lake George can show us! This was an educational journey for the students and many conquered their fear of being on the water in a canoe. All enjoyed seeing a side of our great city from a different view and creating a better understanding of the environment and our beautiful planet. Student groups will continue to travel Lake George through October 7th.


    Check out these great pictures from some of the trips!