• Veteran's Day

    School City of Hobart is proud to honor our veterans each and every day. Veteran's Day is especially an important day to recognize the men and women who sacrifice for our freedom! The School City of Hobart has programs at every school to pay honor and respect to these important individuals. It is a wonderful experience to see the students with their veteran Grandparent's, Aunts, Uncle, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, honoring them for all they did and are doing for our country! The Veteran's were honored that we took the time to recognize them, but honestly the honor was ours. Thank you for all you have done and the sacrifices that you make. Everyday, we thank you!
    These are photos from throughout the day at all the schools!

    This is a powerpoint video with veterans that are related to someone at the Middle School. (This is awesome!) 
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