• 2014 College and Career Readiness Week!


    College and Career Readiness Week helps introduce students to the possibilities for their future after graduation. It opens minds, broadens horizons and educates students, staff and parents with options and avenues a student can take to help prepare and better their future life. You don't have to wait to plan for what you want to do, start planning now!

    Our College and Career Readiness page is a great place to start! You can access so many links by clicking here. You will find endless amounts of information, such as skill tests and career searches, selecting a college and seeing their requirements, help with building a 4 year college plan and figuring out how you can afford it! It is never too early or too late to start preparing!

    Below you will see more of what we do directly in our schools to help educate and inspire our young Brickie minds!  Students dressed up in their future careers, dressed for success, teachers decorated doors and wore 'college and career' shirts and finished the week off with some awesome in classroom experiences!