• PLTW High Altitude Balloon Project
    Mr. Brent Vermeulen's Engineering Design and Developing class is taking education to new heights! On Monday, November 16th, they will launch a balloon into the air with the goal of it reaching 10,000 feet above land. It will slowly descend where they hope to track it and locate it. Once it is found they will have footage from all over our state and beautiful town! Check out the press release for more details about the project. Best of luck Brickies! 
    What a great journey and accomplishment for the PLTW class today. They had a goal of the balloon reaching 100,000 feet altitude only to fall short by a couple thousand. However, it traveled much farther than expected with it landing near a Waste Management company in Elkart, IN.  That is about 75 miles East of Hobart! Great job to all that were involved in the planning and preparation of this great experiment! More photos and hopefully footage coming soon! 
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