• Computer Science Education Week - Hour of Code!

    Hour of Code Week is upon us! This week is Computer Science Education Week December 8th - 14th, and it is a spotlight for computer science! Hour of Code is an opportunity for every student to try computer science for an hour. There are several tutorials with activities designed to be self guided empowering students to learn at their own pace. For example, you can learn the basics of Computer Science with a tutorial starring Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and the games Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies! Or you could create a winter wonderland with Anna and Elsa from Frozen! All of these tutorials are available on modern browsers, smartphones and tablets! 

    Need to be inspired more? Then meet Cameron Banga one of Hobart's Brickie Alumni! Mr. Banga is lead designer at a company he co-founded, 9magnets LLC. He has worked on more than 125 mobile apps for clients ranging from professional sports teams to eduactors, to large corporations. His first application, Battery Go!, quickly became an iPhone best-seller, and his apps have been recommended by The New York Times, Fox Business News, Macworld, PC Magazine and many other media outlets. 
    Mr. Banga holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Valparaiso University.

    When not writing, Mr. Banga is an avid photographer, novice runner and coffee connoisseur-in-training. He can be easily reached via Twitter at @CameronBanga or via his website. 


    More STEM/STEAM Brickie News!

    Another great way to learn about computer science is though our own school's website!! On this webpage you will find great apps for Kindergartners all the way through high school! These are available all year. 

    Check out our Kindergartners in action programming a game! 

    The impact that this makes is huge to the younger generation that is currently growing up with something we did not....computer technology, everywhere! In Mrs. Harrington's class some students were so impressed that they said, "Can you  believe we're doing this in school?" and another stated, "This is so hard, but I love it!"   

    This is a great opportunity to introduce your child to a world that is continuously growing, computer science! The possibilities for their future will be endless! See our own Brickies in action with the photos below!