• Opening Day for SCOH Staff Members!
    Every year, the SCOH staff comes together before school starts and enjoys a grand breakfast followed by performances from our Administrators and entertainers. This year, we decided to switch things up a bit and created the first annual Brickie Back to School Olympics! We had Hungry, Hungry Teachers and Staff, Humpty Dumpty Teachers, Late for School Relay, STEM Paper Plane Throw, Concession Popcorn Drop, Watermelon Eating Contest, and an Obstacle Course! Each staff member proudly sat with their school while the Service Center, Administration Office and School Board divided up respectively amongst them. Every school had a different shirt color, signs and lots of school spirit! Once everyone was dressed and ready, the competition began! On most games, groups of 5 staff members from each school would come down to compete with points being distributed to the school that won or had the fastest time. Everyone had a smile on their face whether competing or cheering from the stands. Finally, at the end, awards were distributed based on points and school spirit. It was one of the BEST opening days for all and definitely created some partnership and memories amongst the staff! Check out some action shots below and each schools award! 
    Award Winners:

    Best Positive Energy - Liberty Elementary
    Best Cheer - Joan Martin Elementary
    Best Team Approach - Hobart High School
    Best Sportsmanship - Ridge View Elementary
    Best Comedy - Hobart Middle School
    Grand Prize Winner - Early Learning Center at George Earle