• Red Ribbon Week
    October 23-31 the School City of Hobart is celebrating Red Ribbon Week to spread awareness about drug abuse and prevention. Since 1988, the National Family Partnership has held the annual National Red Ribbon Campaign. The campaign works to inform students about the damage that drugs can have on their life by teaching students about the harmful effects of drugs, explaining how they can say "no", and passing out red ribbons for students to wear in support of the movement. They also educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities. 

    Take a minute and watch this YouTube video that expresses the reality among our kids today. (Really it is only 61 seconds.)

    Also something that we do every year to raise awareness  -  the students make "Drug Free" posters and enter them in the annual competition with the Lake County Substance Abuse Council.
    Here are some of the winners from each of our schools that advanced on to the County.

    #1 Fact – The best way to prevent alcohol and drug abuse is to talk to your children beginning at an early age and often.  Kids hear about drugs everywhere, it seems: on TV, the radio, and in the news; in music and movies; and sometimes even on the street or on the playground.  As early as age 10, children have reported trying alcohol and drugs.  Share with your children that alcohol and drugs can hurt their health, friendships and family as well as their future.  Bottom line, parents need to be a part of your child’s life.  Spend time together and know what your children are doing at all ages.  Parents need to make a point to communicate with their children each day, encourage your children, set limits and supervise.  Most drug abusers report that they begin using drugs and alcohol to make them feel better or to forget pain that they are living with.  This support can be easily given through face-to-face communication and attention rather than turning to substances.  In the end, substance abuse creates more pain, problems and even death.  Talk to your children early and be there to listen to their questions.  Use the Family Checkup link below to begin a positive relationship and communication within your family today.  This could save the lives of you and your family members by preventing risk behaviors such as, drug and alcohol abuse.


    Drug Facts for Parents

    LCSAC PSA for the community about prescription drug use**(waiting on link)

    Family Check Up: Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse

    Lake County Substance Abuse Council website http://www.lcsac.org/


    Lake County Community Resources and National/Local Websites


    Free Treatment Assessment - 1-855-977-5347


    Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Lake County, IN


    Drug That People Abuse and Why


    Video and Online Tutorials for Parents to Use to Educate Children
    Heroin: Not a Problem, An Epidemic (YouTube video by Porter County)


    The Science of Addiction - https://app.operationprevention.com/
    Simulation of how drugs effect a young brain.