• Red Ribbon Week
    October 23-31 the School City of Hobart is celebrating Red Ribbon Week to spread awareness about drug abuse and prevention. Since 1988, the National Family Partnership has held the annual National Red Ribbon Campaign. The campaign works to inform students about the damage that drugs can have on their life by teaching students about the harmful effects of drugs, explaining how they can say "no", and passing out red ribbons for students to wear in support of the movement. They also educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities. 

    Take a minute and watch this YouTube video that expresses the reality among our kids today. (Really it is only 61 seconds.)

    Also something that we do every year to raise awareness  -  the students make "Drug Free" posters and enter them in the annual competition with the Lake County Substance Abuse Council.
    Here are some of the winners from each of our schools that advanced on to the County.