• Opening Day for SCOH Staff
    2016 - 2017
    Every year the School City of Hobart brings every employee together to bring in the new school year with a bang! This year is going to be GREAT! The Administrators, teachers, custodians, technology, food service, transportation, and secretaries were all present for the annual Opening Day Ceremonies!  This year was a no brainer, we were going to host the Brickie Olympics! After a wonderful filling breakfast and mingling in the great hall, we entered the gym.  With everyone geared up in their school's color, they all took their place on the bleachers and the games began! This year we kicked it off with our "rowing" race, followed by 'rhythmic gymnastics', the "javelon" throw and last, "football" aka soccer. The competition was fierce but friendly and everyone seemed to have had a great time and some good laughs! After the entertaining "Brickie Games" we all entered the HHS theatre and listened to the empowering Rick Rigsby! He works all over the world with one goal, "Encourage and Empower people to transform their lives by making an impact rather than an impression." He did an amazing job and everyone left with a goal to make a big IMPACT on all of our students that can last a lifetime!
     Great job to all of our "Brickie Olympians" and get ready for a great 2016-2017 school year at the School City of Hobart! 
    All My Life I Wanna Be a Brickie! Work! Work! Work!  
    Check out this years Administrative Video that show how great our Brickies are! It also has a wonderful Middle School student, Lia Rodriguez, that performs 'Hello' by Adele. Amazing! 
    Also, check out some photos from the Brickie Olympics and Rick Rigsby!