• Hobart Indiana Promise - CollegeChoice 529 Sign-ups! 

    The CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan is a smart, flexible, and affordable way to help you give the gift of education. These funds can be used for eligible higher education expenses at schools across the country: tuition, books and supplies, certain room and board costs, mandatory fees, and more! CollegeChoice 529 offers valuable advantages such as tax-deferred growth, attractive investment options, and professional investment management. As an account holder, you retain control of your funds and anyone can make contributions to your student's 529 in a variety of ways! Anyone students can start a savings account at any age visit our informative 529 College Savings Plan page for more info on getting started. 

    To help jump start our Brickies college savings we held informative meetings at each of the schools and offered our 5th grade and Kindergartners an opportunity to fundraise to put money in their account! If they reach their goal of $25, the Hobart Indiana Promise partners will match that $25! When have you ever fundraised and put the profits back in your pocket?!? Thank you to our Hobart Indiana Promise Partners for making this possible! 

    Check out these Brickies - from babies on up - that signed up for their 529 college savings plan!